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'Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift,
which is why it is called the present.
What the caterpillar perceives is the end to the butterfly is just the beginning. Everything that has a beginning has an ending.
Make your peace
with that and all will be well


Louise Keith

Louise Keith
As an Independent Funeral Celebrant my role is to help you to prepare a service or ceremony that is meaningful to all involved. That ceremony may contain as much or no religious content whatever that religion influenced by the wishes of the person we are saying goodbye to and the wants and needs of the family.

From the time we are introduced, it is my responsibility to guide you through until after the funeral service, making sure that we honour and celebrate the life lost in the most fitting way.

You can call me on 07884 054069 to see if I am the right person to conduct the service with you or for you.

We would then meet up with other family members to discuss the style of service required and for you to help me to gather information and to understand the life and character so we can create that personal ceremony.

Family or friends may wish to speak or to write something for me to present on their behalf. We would discuss music, readings, hymns, prayers and any other content you wish to have.

Whatever is decided in terms of religious content or none, the aim of a ceremony is to allow a space to truly celebrate the life and give a really GoodGoodbye to someone who has been loved and will be missed.

If you would like to talk about how I can help you please call me on 07884 054069 or louise@goodgoodbyes.co.uk



Good Goodbyes offers a range of funeral planning and ceremonial services for those who are religious and non-religious providing the modern day alternatives to funeral services.

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